Action Labor has all your construction staffing needs. Debris clean-up, carpentry, electricians, plumbing, drywall, paving, concrete finishing and heavy equipment.

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Action Labor has been successfully providing temporary labor in the Southeast United States since 1986. The company places over 7,000 employees on the job every year. Action Labor provides employees for construction, food distribution/processing, retail, manufacturing, warehouses, landscaping, hospitality and the service industry.

Each branch office is centrally located and dispatches 50-200 employees daily. A very qualified and experienced local staff has access to a wide array of support personnel at our Corporate Headquarters in West Palm Beach, FL.

For our employees we provide:


Safety bonus incentives

Protective safety equipment

Health and wellness support

O.S.H.A. certified safety training


high quality service

With thirteen branch offices-twelve in Florida and one in Columbia, South Carolina-Action Labor has built its brand by maintaining high quality service and developing a reputation for staffing excellence across a diverse client base. Every Action Labor branch office is sensitive to the need for safety. Our motto includes “Targeting Safety.” Each employee is trained and monitored in the Ten Safety Commandments displayed at each labor hall. Our Risk and Safety Management Department provides training and the most recently-tested safety equipment, conducts on-site safety inspections and provides detailed instructions and support for handling an accident.